Improve store security, enhance the customer experience

Exclusive from KENWOOD – the PKT-23 – perfect for retail. The PKT-23 is the right radio to improve store security, so any employee can easily report damage or theft, plus it makes it easy to coordinate store personnel where they are needed. An efficient staff leads to improved customer service, and customers who are pleased with their shopping experience will always buy more, leading to increased sales. The unique design of the KENWOOD PKT-23 two-way radio means it tucks away just about anywhere while retaining the powerful features you need. KENWOOD audio expertise means we’ve unlocked the secret to crisp, clear and loud audio in a small package. You’ll be surprised at the voice quality you get — in a radio the size of a credit card. Whether clipped it to a lanyard, placed in a pocket or slipped into a work vest, your employees will have the power to stay connected. While this is a stand-out performer in a retail setting, it’s also ideal for hospitality, restaurants and other service settings.




Coordinate materials and personnel for quick response and increased safety

The Onsite series gives you the ability to quickly respond to changing work requirements, shifting personnel, equipment and materials where they are needed, enhancing work productivity. Excellent on-site communications means a safer work environment because dangerous situations can be addressed quickly and efficiently. Whether your work space is a concert hall, a stadium, a construction site or an apartment building, being able to communicate in an environment with concrete, glass and steel is a challenge for most two-way radios. Not with the TK-3400 series, a durable, UHF radio that gives you solid performance in a variety of environments, ideally suited for long range coverage. For short range and high performance, choose the TK-2400 VHF Series. Put the full 2 or 5 watts of power in this series of radios to the test and receive superior voice quality in environments where other two-way radios will fail. Military grade durability is literally built into these radios as well as versatility, because you can choose from a 4 or 16 channel model with pre-programmed frequencies, with the capability to pre-select user talk groups.




Increase safety and work productivity by responding quickly to changing needs

In a high performance, demanding setting, you need to be able to rapidly move machinery, equipment and materials where they are needed, and coordinate the right personnel to ensure work isn’t interrupted. Superior coverage, a 3 year warranty, enhanced digital features and all at an affordable price…again, only KENWOOD delivers the exact digital two-way radio you need. Select the NX-240 VHF or NX-340 UHF radio and you benefit from 20% more coverage than a comparable analog radio and the range that comes with a full 5 watts of power. If security of your staff’s communications is important, this digital radio delivers and KENWOOD makes it simple to migrate from analog to digital communications. Affordable, so intuitive, your staff can use it right out of the box, mil-spec rugged and a full 16 channels further expand the versatility of the NX-240/340 Series. For an analog Workforce radio, rely on the TK-3230 DX ProTalk and TK-3360ISKU16P portables, with the kind of versatility useful in schools, restaurants, light manufacturing and more. It’s a proven performer with 64 pre-programmed frequencies and 83 additional quick talk privacy codes, so different work groups can be on different frequencies.



From simple on-site communications to wide area coverage, KENWOOD has your radio



When KENWOOD, a world leader in mission critical radios for government, utilities, public safety and fire departments, decided to make an affordable on-site radio, they didn’t skimp on quality. Drawing on the long heritage of ruggedness and quality construction that KENWOOD puts into every first responder radio, ProTalk radios are no-nonsense, drop them anywhere, military-spec tough.

Sophisticated Features

This affordable product line has innovative features like wireless cloning and super light weight high capacity batteries that last more than one shift. That means that you can afford more radio with a ProTalk radio than when you buy any other brand.


With ProTalk, you can select the right radio for your facility and your staff based on your unique requirements.  For a small retail store, choose the equally compact PKT-23 LT, which weighs less than a deck of cards and is smaller than a credit card.  If you need expanded coverage with a full 5 Watts of power, for up to a 7 mile range and 16 channels, choose the ProTalk Digital NX-240V or NX-340U.



ProTalk Retail

Improve store security

Your staff can’t be encumbered with a clumsy, hard to use radio. What could be easier to use than a comfortable, wearable radio? Customers need answers fast and that can sometimes mean an inventory check, a trip to the back of the store or a quick call to a colleague to check on a price or availability of an item. ProTalk radios are your best loss prevention tool, allowing employees to rapidly report on a possible theft. Easily accomplish all these tasks with fast voice communications using a light weight, discreet two-way radio, one that can be clipped to a belt or even a lapel or attached to a lanyard. KENWOOD gives you the most choices in size, weight, coverage and features in our radios designed for retail.


Now, more than ever, campus security is at the core of ensuring a safe and secure environment and protecting the lives of students, faculty and staff. Two-way radios are the most affordable and reliable instant communications tool to ensure that security. Connecting your school’s staff with outside public safety agencies possible with two way radios as well as using two-way radios to coordinate on-campus activities. Their size and cost means that you can deploy multiple radios around a campus and avoid communications break-downs in a critical situation. Place them in classrooms to give teachers an added layer of security and ensuring that they don’t have to ask students to leave the classroom to take messages to other classrooms or staff members. Position them in administration and management offices, so that staff can react swiftly to emergencies and alert teachers so students can be appropriately directed.


Two-way radios are the ideal tool to increase safety, security and efficiency in the hospital, skilled nursing, long term living or another healthcare environment. Empower your entire staff from medical staff to admissions, operations to management with a tool that will let them communicate to security staff in an emergency and rapidly deploy people and other assets for greater levels of effective patient care. Connect diagnostic and treatment areas of your facility rapidly with easy to use two-way radios.

Quickly respond by coordinating personnel and material

In your job, every minute counts and a delay in getting the right materials to a job site can have repercussions that last beyond this day’s schedule. Two-way radios are a cost-effective and smarter solution to communications than cell phones. No monthly costs are just the start. ProTalk two-way radios are built for business, meaning that they are manufactured to military-grade levels of durability and they are made for short, result-focused calls. So, you don’t have to worry about them breaking in heavy daily use and you also don’t have to worry about your staff using the device for Instagram updates rather than coordinating the next concrete delivery.

ProTalk Security


Two-way radios are the communications device of police, fire and first responders. Every KENWOOD ProTalk radio builds on the KENWOOD heritage of providing communications tools to first responders around the world. Your security department deserves the same level of performance, which you will find in every KENWOOD Protalk radio. Whether you opt for a lightweight model like the XLS or need the full digital performance of the NX-240/340 Series, your security team can be assured that they can get the word out to their team to meet any challenge.


While meeting the demands of your guests and ensuring their comfort is paramount to your success, you are also responsible for the safety and security of your staff. Two-way radios are the discrete and reliable way to communicate around your property and, unlike cell phones, they will continue to be reliable even in times of emergency. Every day is different at a hotel and being able to rapidly connect your staff – sales and catering, front desk, bell stand, concierge, security, housekeeping and maintenance – is key to successfully negotiating your property’s 24/7/365 demands.



KENWOOD ProTalk radios have a two-year or three-year warranty. Warranty details and information about how we support our radios after the sale are available from our authorized KENWOOD dealers and Master Distributors. Please contact us at 1-800-950-5005 for more details.

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